Ways An Architecture Student Can Earn Money

Perhaps you’re looking to maximise your portfolio and earn some money in the career path you chose. Here are ways that I’ve seen or done myself to earn money whilst studying architecture.

Working At Your University/College

This might seem like an obvious statement, but universities or colleges more often than not offer jobs within the faculty which you can work during the week. They might vary from country to country but here in the UK some of the jobs that I saw students work as were:

  • Printing assistant at the print shop

If your college or university has a print shop within campus ask if they offer job placements.

  • Laser cutting assistant

These are the people that usually help out with laser cutting for first-timers and oversee the laser cut machines.

  • Be a PAL

At my university, we had PAL’s. These are people who gave tours around the campus to people who are looking to enroll in the course. There is usually demand in that so make sure you ask.

RIBA Mentorship

If you are a UK architecture student I highly suggest you enroll in a RIBA mentorship program. This was offered by my university and it was optional but definitely boosted my CV to employers when I graduated. This is not a paid mentorship but it will help you gain the experience needed to land a job faster.

If you are not from the UK perhaps there are similar programs you can take or ask an architect to mentor you free of charge. Worth the research.

Do Competitions

There are competitions you can enter free of charge but if you’re willing to invest in one it’s worth the rewards. Most competitions if not all offer money if you rank a certain place or offer products or services equivalent to an amount of money. It might look like a long shot especially if you are new to architecture but practice does make perfect and all the hard work will look good in your portfolio. It’s an attractive trait as you can show employers that you are invested in architecture and you will learn tons in the process which is always a plus.

Do Freelance Work

Websites such as peopleperhour offer great opportunities to do freelance work. What are some of your strengths and skills which you can offer now? Whether it’s photography, writing, or Photoshop, offer to give services to people. Instagram is a great gateway to publish your skills.

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