Improve Your Rhino Workflow With These 5 Commands

Rhino has been the main software I use for my design work for years. Main reason is the use of open source plug-in features that increase creative possibilities.

Nevertheless, improving workflow can decrease the chances of a crash and help efficiency.


The command isolate does as the word describes. Isolates selected objects and hides the rest. Why is this important? If you have a heavy file for example a big site plan and you only want to work on a specific area of the site, using isolate command prevents Rhino to lag. Type “unisolate” to reveal the hidden objects.


This is command works if you are using VRay for Rhino. It is a useful command when you are rendering perspective views and you want the buildings to stay true vertical instead of perspective view.


This is one of the commands I wish I knew earlier as I would always use the “split” followed by the “join” command. If you draw in 2D this will save you time as you can select multiple lines to extend or split within a selected boundary.

BringToFront / SendToBack

If you take your drawings to Illustrator this command will actually save you time from doing additional edits on solid hatches. Note that this only works for solid hatches and you will not see any difference with curves.


This is something I learned to use in my workplace, and it is such an efficient way to reference multiple files whilst keeping organised. If you work with multiple layers and pieces of work try to separate them in different files. This way you can allow Rhino to run with out slowing it down and you avoid importing unnecessary layers in to your working file.

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