The REAL budget needed to study architecture in London If you are currently applying for an architecture course in London you probably also will be applying for student finance and maintenance loan. Studying from home may have significantly reduced students spending but we have to take into account the very likely scenario of you havingContinue reading

Improve Your Rhino Workflow With These 5 Commands Rhino has been the main software I use for my design work for years. Main reason is the use of open source plug-in features that increase creative possibilities. Nevertheless, improving workflow can decrease the chances of a crash and help efficiency. Isolate The command isolate does asContinue reading

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Why I Think It’s Important To Do Things Outside Architecture Since going on lockdown I have realised how important it is to have multiple hobbies in your life. Too many times I’ve seen people fall to their doom because they had all their eggs in one basket, relying on one job to support their living — andContinue reading

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11 Things I Wish I Knew as an Architecture Student There are things I wish someone told me which could have allowed me to be more efficient, get over difficulties faster, get more work done, avoid wasting time, and help me produce better work. So if you’re an architecture student, hopefully, you can take someContinue reading