0Zone / Bromley

Client: Landscape Institute

Award: Honourable Mention and Accolade

To address the demands that COVID-19 is making on the landscapes of our Cities and Towns, the competition, organised by the Landscape Institute is supported by GreenBlue Urban, Ground Control, Hardscape, Selux and Vestre. The aim is to respond to the current debates on the design and use of our urban landscape in light of the COVID-19 crisis.

0Zone is a vision to have our high streets and squares vehicle-free. The proposal is simple- create designated spaces for the cyclist, gym enthusiasts and pedestrians all co-existing together without overcrowding. Existing parking spaces to be used as drop off points for vehicles to enter 0 emission Zone. 0Zone also focuses on creating more space for parks and landscape where possible in order to create landscape justice. Green roofs are encouraged where possible gardens can flourish.

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